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Safety Rules

Safety Rules

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Our top priority at RCRC is safety.  In addition to adherence to the AMA safety rules, we also require all members and visitors to follow these rules at the flying site (it’s common sense really!):

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  • Members must have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the boundaries of our flying site.Violations of these boundaries can result in the loss of our flying site. Every member must be responsible for monitoring another’s flight pattern and POLITELY make them aware of any boundary violations. Questions about the boundaries – please ask.
  • Guests of a RCRC member must have a current AMA card and be supervised by that RCRC member while they are at the RCRC air field and must sign the parks waiver of liability.  Guest will be limited to two times per year with a RCRC member.  After two times, the guest will be required to join RCRC.
  • 72 MHz and Ham:  You must have the frequency pin and your AMA Membership Card with the RCRC Club label attached.  These items must be displayed on your person for membership verification at all times.  Possession of the “frequency pin” always determines who has flying privileges at any given time.
  • Pilots using 2.4 Ghz:  Your AMA Membership Card with the RCRC Club label attached is to be displayed on your person for membership verification at all times.
  • Pilots may possess only one “frequency pin” at a time. Frequency pins shall not be removed from the flying field.
  • Check all battery packs just prior to the first flight, and subsequent flights. You should also conduct an occasional field test by checking to see if the plane’s controls respond to the transmitter at a distance of 100 feet with the transmitter antenna collapsed.
  • All planes must be positioned in line with the pit area tables with the engines pointing toward the field prior to starting.
    http://astrupdesign.dk/?serhio=60-sekunden-trading 60 sekunden trading (Do not start engines in any other part of the pit area).
  • Do not taxi planes into the pit area.
  • When you are ready to fly, get your plane in position at the edge of the runway; look for any planes that may be on the runway or in the process of landing etc.; then let your intentions be known by “SHOUTING” to all pilots on the flight line to notify them that you are taking off.
  • When you are ready to land, let your intentions be known by SHOUTING to all pilots on the flight line that you will be landing.
  • Keep everyone on the flight line apprised of any emergencies should they arise. (Dead stick, crash, loss of control, etc.)
  • Planes must be taxied or physically retrieved from the runway as quickly as possible.
  • When going onto or crossing the runway, you must first make sure it is safe and then communicate to all pilots on the flight line that you are going onto or crossing the runway.
  • When you leave the runway, communicate to all pilots on the flight line that the runway is clear.
  • The wind direction will dictate the flight pattern to follow; if taking off to the left, the pattern will be right turns; if taking off to the right, the pattern will be left turns.
  • Inderal apotek http://refinedprose.com/?vektos=%D8%A3%D8%B3%D8%B1%D8%A7%D8%B1-%D8%AA%D8%AF%D8%A7%D9%88%D9%84-%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%B9%D9%85%D9%84%D8%A7%D8%AA-%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%A3%D8%AC%D9%86%D8%A8%D9%8A%D8%A9 أسرار تداول العملات الأجنبية  All flying must be conducted from inside one of the four (4) designated flight stations. (The exception is club-approved events) Gliders – may be flown from a seated position in the area between the front of the pavilion and the runway.)
  • köpa Sildenafil Citrate billigt trucos para opciones binarias  Helicopter, multirotor and airplane pilots flying in the helicopter area may not fly across the paved runway when the paved runway is in use. The paved runway is in use anytime an airplane or helicopter is flying from one of the four (4) designated flight stations in the paved runway pattern. Hovering over the paved runway is not permitted when the paved runway is in use. (The exception is club-approved events.)
  • أفضل الخيارات الثنائية إشارات المملكة المتحدة http://wilgenrijk.nl/?iters=option-navigator-riscuotere&71b=1b option navigator riscuotere  FIRST PERSON VIEWING:  FPV pilot and FPV spotter must be fimiliar with operations, requirements and limitations of the AMA guidelines.  All FPV flights require an AMA FPV pilot to have an AMA FPV spotter next to him/her maintaining VLOS with the FPV aircraft throughout its fllight.
  • Turbinepowered aircraft are not permitted to fly at the RCRC air field. (The exception is club-approved events.)
  • Please do not talk to pilots while they are flying, or in the process of starting an engine, as a distraction may cause an accident.
  • The only persons permitted in the pit area during flying are those persons holding a current AMA and RCRC club membership. Family members of pilots may enter the pit area, but must remain in the shelter or nocloser to the pit area than the field table.
  • No flying will be permitted at the field during mowing of area inside the fence.
  • Spectators are to remain behind the fence and may only enter the pit area when accompanied by a club member at all times.
  • All pets must be on leashes and remain behind the field fence.
  • No smoking is permitted inside the fence. This includes the area in and around the shelter. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted at the RCRC air field.
  • Anytime a plane is lost and presumed to have left the park property, the park manager should be notified immediately.
  • handla med binära optioner flashback opzioni binarie 60 secondi depositominimo 20 euro  Flying Hours: Operation of glow-fuel or gas-powered aircraft is not permitted in the park prior to l0:00AM or after dusk. (The exception is club-approved events.) Electric-powered and non-combustion-powered aircraft can be operated before 10:00AM provided visibility is not an issue and the park grounds are open to the public.

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  • Do not accelerate your engine beyond a fast idle until you are positioned behind the airplane. Standing in front, over, or beside a spinning propeller is “Very Dangerous”.
  • When you are having difficulty tuning or getting an engine to run properly, or you are breaking-in a new engine, take your plane to the south end of the pit area for this purpose, so as not to disturb the pilots on the flight line.
  • Be careful about loose clothing and/or items in your shirt pocket that could fall into a turning prop.
  • If the flying field is extremely busy it is a good idea to have a spotter.
  • Make sure you have the skills for the type aircraft you are about to fly. Don’t be afraid to ask a more experienced pilot for help if you have a concern.
  • Pilots of new or repaired aircraft may request clear air space for testing the aircraft – please be understanding.


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AMA Safety Rules